BIGFISH: Celebrating inshore fishing season

BIGFISH: Celebrating inshore fishing season

(WVUE) - Right now, there is little doubt we may be looking at the best year for fishing we've seen in five years.

Conditions are good on the both the east and west side of the Mississippi River, and to prove it I headed down to Leeville to find Captain Mike Guidry.

Captain Mike took us out into the Lake Rakasee and Timberlake area where we found very little land due to erosion, but a whole lot of fish.

Now, we did have a secret weapon on board, the Versa Max 2.0 rattling cork and its inventor, Steve Kissee.

Captain Mike calls the west side "Grand Isle-Lafourche-Cocodrie area. They are catching fish all over. There is a lot of bait and shrimp all over, back to the normal was of fishing the way people like to fish, cork and a bait.

So, if you come to Leeville with the right equipment and a good captain, you can probably put together a great box of fish.

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