Angler pulls in 412-pound catch from paddle board

Angler pulls in 412-pound catch from paddle board

FLORIDA (WVUE) - A Florida man claims to be the first person to catch a goliath grouper from a standup paddle board.

The catch was recently made off of Florida's east coast. Captain Ben Chancey made the catch by tying his paddle board to a nearby fishing boat.

The catch was estimated a 7-feet, 412-pounds. The monstrous fish managed to put up a fight, pulling Chancey from his paddle board. Chancey recovered and continued to pull in the goliath grouper.

The catch was well documented. A drone captured the catch from above and cameras were planted underwater to capture Chancey's feat. The fish was measured and released - as required by law. Goliath groupers are listed as critically endangered fish. Harvest and possession is prohibited in both state and federal waters.

Chancey made headlines earlier this summer after he accidentally hooked a shark from his kayak. The shark tipped his kayak and Chancey hurriedly swam to a nearby boat where he safely got out of the water.

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