BIGFISH: Speckled trout picking up, but there are other fish in the sea

Big Fish: Speckled Trout picking up

Capt. CT Williams said speckled trout are picking up. He spoke with a fellow angler about the uptick.

Speckled trout has challenged anglers most of the summer, but the near future signs are good. As that river starts to fall do you see anything changing?

"Oh yeah, it's going to be spectacular like it was last year, once that river went down," said Capt. Jack Payne of Sweetwater Marina. "You know it was late in the evening, mid-August through October, the fishing tide got spectacular."

The water quality in Breton Sound is improving and as that water moves inshore, fishing should improve as well.

However, it's been sort of a hit-and-miss summer, in Breton Sound this year. The high river probably had a lot to do with that, more than anything I'd imagine, and when those pretty trout come in they're beautiful.

Live shrimp are always good, but the bright colors and contrast that artificials offer may work better in areas with dirty water.

So what's a good strategy for fishing Delacroix in this weather?

Always stay in the interior marshes of Delacroix. Fish Lake Bartolo, Lake Lery, Skippies, and the Point Phen area and catch many beautiful red fish and bass.

Talking about flipping your strategy, go for the meat fish, the red fish and the drum. And let the speckled trout be the byproduct, the nice thing is they're beautiful speckled trout.

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