BIGFISH: Head to the Biloxi Marsh to reel them in

Big Fish: Oysters could bring life back to your favorite fishing spot

(WVUE) - So what do you do when your regular speckled trout hot spots ain't so hot? Well you consult Robbie Campo, fourth generation owner of Campo's Marina at Shell Beach and commercial fisherman.

"Where you have oysters you have life, and when you have life you have bait and you have fish," Campo said.

Captain Jack la Courier and I decided to test Robbie's theory and headed to the Campo oyster lead in the Biloxi Marsh.

The reality is, Mr. Campo might be on to something. The key to this type of fishing is simple. First look for oyster poles located in water two to five feet deep. Then test for rocks with a shallow water anchor or any type of pole.

Anchor the boat and start fishing. Popping corks works best.

So don't leave out fishing the reefs in the Biloxi marsh as an option. You might want to check with Robbie Campo with Campo's Marina for exactly where some of them are. I don't think he told us about them all.

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