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Bruce: Humidity creeps back into the forecast


High pressure remains in control across the area for the next couple of days keeping us mostly dry and sunny with the general flow from the southwest.  

We will see a weak trough move across the country and help nudge the Bermuda high back into place getting us back into a more typical summer pattern for us by the end of the week.

Look for rain coverage to get up to the 30 to 40 percent range as the trough develops a weakness in the high mid-week and then pick up again by next weekend as we look for a few disturbances to start circulating north from the Gulf.

The low we have mentioned forming in the Gulf over the last few days is more visible and moving from the southwest into Florida. The National Hurricane center is only giving the system a 10 percent chance of forming into anything more substantial because as mentioned the upper level wind environment is very unfavorable.

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