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Council to take up resolution calling for Dave Peralta's resignation

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The St. Bernard Parish council will take up a resolution Tuesday calling for Parish President Dave Peralta to resign.

It's another move in the ongoing power struggle between Peralta and the council as the parish president faces criminal charges.

Councilman Ray Lauga placed the resolution on the council meeting's agenda.

According to our partners at Times Picayune, the call for Peralta's resignation comes the same day the parish grand jury is expected to meet again to assess allegations of conspiracy against him.

St. Bernard council could also take up a controversial ordinance on whether to change the name of Colonial Blvd. in Violet to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Residents spoke out at a public hearing last week. Some called it a heated hearing with racial overtones.

In the end, a planning commission unanimously passed the motion for the name change.

"The main reason I think the commission had an obligation is because the people who live on that street, almost 80 to 90 percent signed the petition to change it and they live on that boulevard," Chairman of the Parish Planning Commission Roy Gross said.

Another public hearing on the issue is set for August 18.

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