Gunman takes United Cab driver on terrifying ride

Gunman takes United Cab driver on terrifying ride

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A terrifying morning for a United Cab driver after a man tried to rob him, and fired a shot in the taxi.

The driver picked up the man in the Seventh Ward early Tuesday morning.

He says the passenger insisted on going to an ATM, then pulled out a gun and shot the cab's GPS system. The driver says the man then demanded all his cash and told him to go to a bank to withdraw more money.

The cabbie happened to be on the phone with another driver as this was happening and described where he was going. That friend relayed the information to a dispatcher who was on the phone with police.

"I said, 'Ok, let's go to Chase.' And he said, 'Where's Chase?' I said, 'There's St. Charles and Jackson Chase and that's drive through. He said, 'Ok, let's go there,'" the cab driver said.

"And the dispatcher was talking to police at the same time, 'This guy is going toward St. Charles and Jackson.'"

Police caught up to the taxi at Prytania and Louisiana. The would-be robber surrendered peacefully.

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