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Enterprise's car sharing comes to New Orleans

Cars available for sharing. (FOX 8 Photo) Cars available for sharing. (FOX 8 Photo)

Getting around the Crescent City without your own vehicle may be easier than hopping on a bus or streetcar.

Enterprise is the first company to offer a car sharing program in New Orleans and already is seeing more use than expected.

“I was paying a lot to park and I was getting a lot of parking tickets, and when you live in this area, you don't really need a car, so it's easy to take one when you need it,” Graham Williams, who uses the car-share program a few times a week, said.

The company offers three locations to pick up a car that can be rented by the hour.

“Car share is cheaper and quicker for me. It winds up being $8 or $16, however long I need to use the car, compared to an Uber rate or a taxi, it winds up being cheaper for me," Terrence Evans, who works downtown, said.

Car share users will typically pay about $8 an hour, depending on the vehicle, and can keep the car out for as long as needed.

"You have an access card, there is technology in the car, that once you wave that access card on the car, it opens up the car, the keys are in it, and you drive off,” Alexis Hocevar, Vice President of Enterprise Holdings, said. “It begins to count how long you've got the vehicle, and then when you park it back in the spot, your rental is over and you're charged only for the time you've used the vehicle.”

Customers said the best part of the program is not living with the hassle of car insurance, and users won’t have to pay for gas.

“In this area, it's kind of the only way to go, because you don't want to mess with parking and owning a car in this area, because it's really difficult to park and get around. So when you need it, it's there and you're good to go,” Williams said.

For more information on the program click here.

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