Seantavius Jones eager to contribute in second year

Seantavius Jones eager to contribute in second year

When it comes to the Saints wide receiver position at training camp, the competition is wide open. Several players are competing for a spot on the roster, including second-year pro Seantavius Jones.

"This is training camp and we are trying to make the team, so you have to go out and do your best every day and try to limit the mistakes," Jones said. "So there's pressure, but you have to try to not look at it that way. You just go to have fun and do your thing. "

For Jones, a comfort has come over him in his second year in the system.

"It's a big difference from last year because last year I was thinking about it, and now I can just go out and play fast and, you know, just play to my strengths," he said.

His biggest strength is size. At 6'3", 220 pounds, Jones has the physical stature Sean Payton likes in wide receivers.

"Seantavius is someone who I don't want to use the word 'raw' but there is so much upside," Payton said. "So many things he is working on learning and he's got that length that we look for and he's got very good hands. I'll be anxious to watch him as we get started here in the preseason."

There was a moment a few practices ago where Jones appeared to line up wrong on a play and got verbally chewed out for it by wide receiver coach John Morton, but Jones says that, actually, he was not at fault on the play and Morton apologized to him afterward.

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