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Statements from JP council members on consultant Josh Nemzoff

Councilman Ben Zahn:

"I was disappointed to learn of Mr. Nemzoff's conflicts earlier today. Given the vast experience Josh brought to the table in both the East Jefferson and West Jefferson Hospitals lease negotiations, the current LCMC contract may be severely impacted by this action. His announcement and decision does not come as a complete surprise. Mr. Nemzoff has indicated his displeasure with being the target of a constant barrage of defamatory accusations from some council members. He felt he was being extorted by some council members and the terms of his agreement with the parish were suddenly changed, which delayed payments owed to him. I find it suspicious that the timing of the ramped up rhetoric against Mr. Nemzoff happens to coincide with his recent questioning of a number of financial entries by WJMC's accounting, and inaccurate financials, along with recently exposed bonuses given to executive staff members.   Media recently cited that Josh's findings may well lead to LCMC's lowering of their leasing offer.

"It is my understanding that negotiations this afternoon have resulted in an agreement in principal with Mr. Nemzoff and the Parish Attorney's office to resolve the matter.

"With less than 30 days till closing, it would be prudent for the administration to come to terms with Joshua Nemzoff to prevent further delaying the upcoming closing."

Councilman Paul Johnston:

"The administration should come to terms with Joshua Nemzoff.  We have relied heavily on his counsel, and to lose his expert advice this late in our lease negotiations would not be advantageous to our parish. I recognize that Mr. Nemzhoff has had his fill of politcal gamesmanship, and I hope that all of my colleagues see the wisdom in his continued, reliable and rational recommendations."

Councilwoman Cythia Lee Sheng:

"Josh Nemzoff’s invoices are indeed sparse and bare providing very little information.  The opposite is true of the frequent emails he sends to the entire council and negotiation team.  People may not like his delivery but I can assure you that no parish consultant has provided more detailed analysis in a clear and concise manner than Josh Nemzoff.  He has frequently identified items for us to keep an eye on that is worth millions of dollars to Jefferson Parish in this negotiation."


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