Red dresses and dirty linen to take over French Quarter

Red dresses and dirty linen to take over French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Tom Booth looks forward to wearing red every August.

"Five years ago, we were down with a friend," says the visitor from Mississippi. "We had no idea what was going on and just ran into the people in the streets and of course it was great fun doing that. Then when we found out that they raised $300,000 a year for community charities and what a great day it is."

Booth shopped for a red dress on Magazine Street where the garments are going quickly.

Buffalo Exchange stocks up for this weekend.

"We try to throughout the year buy all of the stretchy large and extra large that we can get our hands on but they go really fast," says manager Denise Lyons.

Tens of thousands of people will fill the French Quarter this weekend for the Red Dress Run and Dirty Linen Night.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau doesn't know exactly how many people attend the events but tourism leaders know the crowd grows every year.

"Historically, summer was the slow period but now, we've created things to fill up those slow summer weekends," says Kristian Sonnier of the Convention and Visitors Bureau. "Running of the Bulls and Satchmo Summer Fest and Red Dress Run so we're busy year round, even in the summer."

There are also deals for locals right now.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown offers summer specials on tours, museum admissions and more.

August brings the Coolinary menu at dozens of area restaurants, a two or three-course dinner for $39 or less, lunch for $20 or less.

"There were more people signed up for Coolinary this year than ever before, more than 75 restaurants signed up," says Sonnier. "I think that says it all. And it's restaurants like Antoine's, Bourbon House, all the old grand dames of Creole dining and then they have a lot of new ones so people can check out these new restaurants that keep popping up."

Even the threat of triple-digit temperatures this weekend won't discourage many people from having fun.

More than 45-hundred people have already registered for the run.

"You start early in the day, they feed you lunch, they make sure you're hydrated," says Booth.

Booth says it's simply a wonderful a dress.

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