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PANO fires back at Independent Police Monitor


The Police Association of New Orleans on Thursday fired back at the Independent Police Monitor's report into the shooting of Wendell Allen.

PANO says the report is fraught with inaccuracies and attempts to tear down the reputation of a good cop.

"This should be an investigation into the lead investigator,” said Police Monitor Susan Hutson, said Tuesday. “Hhe refused to search for video shot by the officer."

PANO disputes that.

"The allegations of the report are unsupported when looked at in an unbiased and fair manner," said PANO attorney Eric Hessler, who is representing Sgt. Bruce Glaudi.

PANO says the monitor's assertion that police didn’t announce themselves during the deadly Prentiss Street raid is wrong based on a video recording of the raid.

"There were officers who said we announced ourselves before going into the door well,” Hessler said. “It wasn't turned on until they actually began entering the door."

PANO also says the police monitor has unfairly characterized the lead investigator in the case - Glaudi - as being disinterested in a private police recording of the incident, which the monitor said showed that police didn't announce themselves prior to the raid.

"It does not and could not witness what was said prior to it being activated. In this instance, Sgt. Glaudi actively reported what was said to him," Hessler said.

"It's funny. You can hear everything but these elusive demands," Hutson said.

Hessler says Glaudi thought the officer, Eugene Cummings, was talking about recording his interview, and not the raid, since at the time, police didn't have body cams. And PANO says other assertions about Cummings were wrong.

"There were a lot of mistakes,” Hessler said. “When you dedicate two pages of a report to a resignation that never occurred, and then attribute that to misconduct amongst and by the NOPD."

PANO also took issue with the police monitor finding regarding the discovery of a gun on the second floor of the Allen home. The police monitor criticized investigators for focusing too much attention on finding a weapon in the Allen home, in spite of their knowing that Allen was not armed at the time of his death.

"The hidden handgun was recovered hours later, and its relevance was lost only after it was determined that Allen was unarmed," Hessler said.

"We understand PANO has a job to do, but everything we put in this report was valid," Hutson said.

PANO's attorney said it appears to him that it was the police monitor who had an agenda. It says Glaudi is still an officer in good standing, but no longer works in homicide.

As for calls for more investigations into the Allen shooting, PANO says they're not needed since the FBI and the Public Integrity Bureau were involved every step of the way.

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