Delivery driver allegedly turned away because he's black

Delivery driver allegedly turned away because he is black

(WVUE/CNN) - A Lowes delivery driver in Virginia says his manager gave in to a customer who demanded that the store not send a black person to her home.

Marcus Bradley said last Monday started out as an ordinary day on the job.

"Then I got a phone call on the phone telling me to bring the delivery back, saying that I couldn't do the delivery," Bradley said.

He said what he heard next stunned him.

"I asked him why I couldn't do it, and he said because you're black, and they don't want you at the house," Bradley said.

Bradley said he was told the customer specifically asked Lowe's not to send a black delivery person.

Co-worker Alex Brooks said he's worked with Bradley for almost 11 years and was with him in the truck when the call came in.

"To me, it just ain't right for a business that we work at to go on with the woman's wishes," Brooks said.

But Brooks said that's exactly what happened. He said when the two returned to the store, Bradley was replaced by a white driver.

"It was one of those things like, these guys will get over it, they're tough guys, they're delivery guys," Brooks said. "And that's kind of where I just had to put my foot down and say I couldn't do it with them."

We went to the home where the two say the delivery took place.

Reporter: "I just want to know your side of the story, whether it's true or not?"

Customer: "I got a right to have whatever I want and that's it."

Reporter: "Do you feel bad about the delivery driver?"

Customer: "No, I don't feel bad about nothing."

"I mean, I thought that Lowe's would take up for me," Bradley said.

Although Bradley is saddened by the way he says the situation was handled, he plans to still be at work.

"I mean, I gotta work," he said. "I'm going to keep going to work like I've always done. But I would think Lowe's would take it into consideration to think about what they're doing next time."

The manager who pulled Bradley from the delivery was fired. Lowe's corporate office said that a discriminatory request should never be honored, because it's inconsistent with the company's values.

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