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Lower 9th Ward copper theft delays first day of school

Empty pipes after copper was stolen. (FOX 8 Photo) Empty pipes after copper was stolen. (FOX 8 Photo)

A high school in the Lower Ninth Ward is already tardy days before school starts, thanks to thieves who stole hundreds of feet of copper wire.

Students were scheduled to return from summer break to Dr. King Charter High on Monday, but now they’ll have to wait until repairs to the electrical system are made.

We had six conduits and all of them had been stripped from the power sources that run from the box,” Dr. Lindsey Moore, the principal at the school, said.

Sometime early Thursday morning, the thieves sneaked onto the property and busted open the electrical boxes before stripping almost every inch of copper that ran to the school’s temporary classroom buildings.

Dr. Moore said Monday was supposed to be the last time school started in the temporary buildings since the new permanent school is scheduled to open in January, but now students are upset they won’t be returning on time.

“I can't understand it because this school has been an integral part of this community, and to hurt children at the beginning of school doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense,” Dr. Moore said.

Dr. Moore said while most students would relish more time in the summer sun, his students were ready to get back in the classroom.

“Kids are already asking about what about the homecoming and the queen and everything, they want to be in school. This is where it's at. We're gonna try to assist them and do everything possible to open up the school and this section of our building as soon as possible,” Dr. Moore said.

The damage is estimated to be around $10,000 and Dr. Moore said high school students will likely be out at least a week while repairs are made. Students in the lower school are still set to return Monday morning.

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