Brandin Cooks enjoying increased chemistry with Drew Brees

Brandin Cooks enjoying increased chemistry with Drew Brees

WEST SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WVUE) - In the NFL, every player is looking for an edge; a small way to get ahead of everyone else. Saints receiver Brandin Cooks did just that this summer, "I was in San Diego the whole time training for the offseason. I was with Drew the majority of the time. Through the offseason, more after the OTA's, we got back to San Diego we threw more often than we did right after the season."

Cooks played in only ten games as a rookie, thanks to an injured thumb, but he still racked up 550 yards receiving. Head coach Sean Payton will no undoubtedly call on #10 more in his second season "I think that one of the things offensively, that ball gets spread around the receivers especially and yet you saw a comfort level that we have with him outside and inside and the timing he and Drew (Brees) had.  No, I wouldn't have been surprised.  The other thing is he is a guy that will play a little bigger than his size.  He is pretty physical and there are all those things that you need to have to be special in our league, he has those traits."

Cooks has also benefited from a full offseason in the league, "The knowledge of the game had to increase from what I saw last year. I felt like the game was a little fast in that area. Our new coach Johnny Morton, he's definitely helped us in that area to think less and play faster."

Cooks is listed at 5' 10" on the Saints roster but doesn't feel like his height limits his skillset, "I feel like down in the red zone I can pretty much be used anywhere, fly sweep, screen game. Or those little short routes, where I change the direction to get defenders on their back heal. That's where I feel I can be special at."

As for being called a 'small receiver?' "Can't do nothing about it," Cooks says.

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