Khiry Robinson making a name for himself

Khiry Robinson making a name for himself

(WVUE) - Khiry Robinson has 20 NFL games under his belt but you'll have to forgive him for still approaching camp like he's a rookie. "I try to stay out of the limelight," he said. "I don't need any of that for my game to get up, but I just come out and work to help the team win."

Robinson has gone about his third Saints training camp in that same mindset. He hasn't missed a beat in the playbook, on routes, or with his pass protections.

The West Texas A&M product saw the writing on the wall after last season. There were some things he needed to improve on to become a  more valuable running back. "I did a few studies on film trying to get everything," Robinson said. "My weakness was my protection. It wasn't that I didn't know how to do it, I just haven't done it many times before so I tried to study Pierre and Mark, old-school guys, came here and see how they got it down and trying to master it before the season."

Robinson's effort is recognized and appreciated by Head Coach Sean Payton. "Those are two areas that he's gotten more comfortable with," Payton said. "I think that pass protection element, not just in first or second down but on third down, can be somewhat complex and I think he's beginning to pick that up."

To get a better understanding of just how far Robinson has come in just his third year in the NFL, think back to his rookie season. Payton said that Robinson almost didn't make the 90 man roster to make the training camp. Robinson remembers the nervous moments well. "I didn't know until we left for OTA's," he said. "I kind of asked what it was really like for me and my position coach said you really want to know and he told me it wasn't looking good so I think it was probably because I didn't know the plays."

It was the perfect wake up call for Robinson, who said he refuses to take anything for granted going forward. "Big eye-opener," Robinson said. "I've been cut before, I was cut in junior college. I'm glad I didn't get cut though. I got it all down and figured out what all I need to do to make a team and got it done."

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