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Covington family seeks tips in pet mutilation

"Charley' (Source: Becky Worthington) "Charley' (Source: Becky Worthington)

A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person who mutilated a Covington family’s pet cat and left it on display on a nearby golf course, according to Jeff Dorson with the Louisiana Humane Society.

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The $800 reward is being offered by the Southern Animal Foundation and donors to its website.

"Charley" was a 2-year-old pet who was adopted a year ago from the St. Tammany Humane Society.  Owner Becky Worthington said she last saw him Aug. 4 around 10 p.m., when she let him outside. His remains were found the next morning by golfers. The cat had been cut in half.

Worthington said she has had trouble getting police to respond to the incident.

"I would like for our law enforcement agencies to take these types of reports more seriously,” she said in an emailed news release. “I filed a report with the St. Tammany Sheriff's Office and am still waiting to hear back from a detective, whom I was told would be assigned to this case. I filed the report on the 6th and today is the 11th, and I have yet to hear back from anyone.” 

Worthington said her 8-year-old special needs daughter was very attached to Charley.

"We are deeply concerned that this type of crime is being copied and shared on social media sites between young kids and teenagers,” Dorson said in the emailed news release. “Kids at risks or with social problems sometimes mistreat or kill animals, which, as we all know, is a often an indication that more violent tendencies will follow."

Dorson said similar cases were documented in New Orleans and Metaire in 2013. He said the mutilations all involved cutting the animals in half and leaving the upper half for someone to discover.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-6-humane or visit

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