Watch: Jimmy Buffett talks about his love for the Saints

Jimmy Buffett talks about his love for the Saints

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The king of the parrotheads is a longtime Saints fan.

Jimmy Buffett stopped by Saints camp in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia on Tuesday for a first-hand look at the team's preparations.

He liked what he saw.

"Rob [Ryan] is assuring me that this defense is going to be better and I like looking at some of the younger players out there," said Buffett. "What's the guy's from Clemson? I like him - Stephone Anthony - and I like Max Unger. They are solid up that middle there and he is a good parrothead too, so I was checking on that. I like what we are doing."

Buffett described himself as a life-long Saints fan. His history with Sean Payton goes back to his days in Dallas.

"Well it all started when Sean was an assistant coach with the Dallas Cowboys and we did a show in Dallas and he, Butch Johnson and Troy Aikman had come. They had a couple of beers at the show," Buffett said. "In those days, we had a giant shark as a part of our show, kind of the attraction that would go across the audience but we had to have it on a tether for obvious reasons. I'm up there playing in front of 20,000 people and I see these crazy guys trying to pull the shark down. It was them. So then I sent my security guys down there I said ' get those guys off of that shark' and the next thing I knew he is high-fiving him and they brought him back and that's when I met Sean. He was a big fan and when he came to the Saints we kind of connected back up."

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