9 armed robberies since Saturday

9 armed robberies since Saturday

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A dangerous suspect is still on the run. New Orleans Police believe he's responsible for nine armed robberies, almost all of them in the Uptown area.

"When someone has a gun one inch from your head, it changes the scenario, definitely, so I definitely was fearful."

We're not going to identify that victim for his safety. He was sitting on his front steps Friday morning on Willow Street when his friend started screaming.

"I didn't know what she was screaming about and suddenly there's a man with a gun pointed at her and I jumped up and said what are you doing? He pointed it right at my head, two inches away and said shut the F... up or I'm going to blow your head off."

New Orleans police believe that same suspect is responsible for 8 other armed robberies since Saturday. Including one on Audubon Boulevard Tuesday, where a young woman was pistol whipped. We talked exclusively with her as she described the terrifying experience.

"I was texting with my friends that I met in the French Quarter and I didn't see or heard anything. But, when I looked up, I had a gun in my face."

NOPD believes the suspect who is still on the run had an accomplice, Larry Vail. Police tell us the duo also shoved a gun in a woman's face Thursday night in the 53-hundred block of St. Charles Avenue and demanded her car keys.

"A Honda CRV was taken in that armed robbery. Our detectives got into a car chase with that vehicle, the vehicle escaped, but one individual did bail out of the vehicle when we were chasing that vehicle and we captured him. His name is Larry Vail," NOPD Commander Paul Noel said.

That Honda CRV was located Friday afternoon on Harmony Street. But the other suspect is still out there.

"It's very brazen but guess what we're very brazen as well because we have our cops out there and we're going to catch this guy," Noel said.

In the meantime, Uptown neighbors are taking precautions, especially the victim from Friday's Willow Street armed robbery.

"I will never sit out again at night, period, so that's destroyed a trust for me."

The duo's crime spree started Saturday on Walmsley. Then Sunday, police say they committed 4 more armed robberies, Tuesday, they're accused of pistol whipping that victim you heard from on Audubon Boulevard and stealing her purse. And, the latest 3 armed robberies all happened over night Uptown.

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