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Drew Brees as energetic as ever at end of 15th training camp


During last years training camp, Drew Brees said he can play until he's 45 years old, and he wasn't kidding.

On the tail end of this years camp, he isn't focusing that far into the future. "I'm taking it one year at a time," he said. "I'm not naïve. Physiologically, I think it can be done. I'll leave it at that. Do I think I can do it? Yes but I am not naïve to think that it is a given. You have to come out and prove it each and every year. You have to prove your worth, your value and show that you can still play at a high level. What I am focused on is how great we can be as a team this year. We'll worry about those other years after this one. But yes, I love football, I love this game and I love this team. I'd love to be around for a while."

OTA's, minicamp, training camp, regular season, postseason...The NFL seems like a 365 day season, and that can wear on some. "It's a real grind mentally," Brees said. "That is why when the season's over, you just want to skate for at least a month and just get away. It's also part of the fun. There's a lot of satisfaction and it's a very rewarding feeling when you know the time and effort that you put into preparation, those long hours and long days, both physically and mentally; then you go out on gameday and you watch these things happen that you visualized. When you have that success and you watch young guys gain confidence, come out of their shell and become the players that they could be too. There's something invigorating about that too. That is what keeps you going."

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