Officials say flood protection is solid as they keep an eye on Danny

First hurricane forms in Atlantic, Corps prepared for anything

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Hurricane Danny will hopefully never pose a threat here, but the Army Corps of Engineers says plans are in place to deal with whatever may happen.

They are continuing work on three permanent pump stations which will still take another year to complete

He recently opened his restaurant about a mile from the 17th St. Canal levee break, and Jason Tournillon said he would not have invested if he had any doubts about the storm improvements made in the past 10 years.

"Unless there's another catastrophic failure somewhere, I can't imagine we have water in the house or business," he said.

"We're monitoring the storm, and we're prepared if we need to respond," said Rene Poche with the Corps of Engineers.

Work on three permanent pumping stations continues on the lakefront, at 17th Street, Orleans Avenue, and the London canals, and progress is evident.

"The contractor and the Corps has a plan in place to secure that site if a storm threatens that area," said Poche.

Though you can see progress being made on the permanent pump houses, they won't actually be ready until 2017, meaning the city will continue to rely on the temporary pumps at the three outfall canals.

"The pumps are tested nearly weekly right now," said Poche.

The Southeast Louisiana Flood Authority is also monitoring the storm, and though it has no immediate fears, it does say about 10 to 15percent of the new levees need to be raised by about a foot.

"There are some sections we want to do some levee lifts, because subsidence rates were worse than first thought," said Stephen Estopinal, from the Southeast Louisiana Flood Authority-East.

Tournillon is confident in the levees, gates and pumps, but he does have concerns.

"As a homeowner and a business owner, my biggest concern is windows, boarding up windows, and hauling off all the kids if we need to go," said Tournillon.

State highway officials have nearly $15 million worth of projects underway in New Orleans, and are monitoring hurricane developments. Highway Spokeswoman Bambi Hall says if severe weather threatens, all construction activity will cease.

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