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Saints' secondary dealing with brunt of injuries

Source: Sean Fazende Source: Sean Fazende

The back end of the Saints defense is in flux. The names you know have been replaced by what's readily available. Guys that would normally be early cuts in training camp have a longer shelf life right now because of injuries.

Sean Payton has dealt with questions about Jairus Byrd's health throughout his time in West Virginia but as the team wraps up it's remote camp, the questions are evolving to include more than just the highly paid safety. "I think that it's training camp though and that happens," Payton said. "We're here now and we're in our third week. It'd be more concerning if we were three weeks in and you are talking about all five players being out. You are going to have days where guys can't practice. Hopefully we have more of them out there and that the guys that are nicked up, we get back soon."

When the Patriots arrived at training camp on Wednesday, the Saints were missing as many as six players from their secondary. Three of them are starters. Namely, Keenan Lewis and Brandon Browner and safety Jairus Byrd.

Those absences meant an opportunity for someone else to take a turn against future Hall of Famer Tom Brady. "Stanley (Jean-Baptiste) has made some progress here during this camp," Payton said. "Of course Rafael Bush has seen a lot more snaps exclusively with the ones throughout this camp, but I think overall the younger players that are receiving snaps at corner ... We have talked about a few of them coming off the preseason game, but P.J. Williams is going to get more work today.  I thought (Damian) Swann’s done some good things.  All of those guys are receiving more snaps and are receiving snaps versus better competition.”

The Saints have 16 defensive backs and 10 of them are cornerbacks. From this point on they're going to need every one of them because of injury.

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