Fallout from Ashley Madison leak continues

Fallout from Ashley Madison leak continues

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Ashley Madison website hack has many people who were looking for someone other than their spouse on the hot seat.

New Orleans family law attorney Kim O'Dowd expects to hear a lot more about the website soon.

"The men try to get the dirt on the women and the women try to get the dirt on the men, and I am sure we will get a lot of that coming through," O'Dowd said.

Personal information from the website that helps married people cheat was recently stolen. Now, those hacked details are online, including names, email addresses, street addresses, some financial information and even the sexual preferences of a reported 32 million customers.

"I know Facebook, when Facebook started coming out we would have a couple of people come in with their lines of printouts from Facebook snapshots, whatever you call it, so I am sure somebody is going to come in with all this dirt and try to show how bad of a bad guy they are," Dowd said. "I would expect more fallout in the custody part of it than in the divorce part."

While some lawyers are expecting to see an increase in couples filing for divorce, Tulane University social media expert Ashley Nelson said this is just another example that anything can be hacked and any information users put online is vulnerable.

"I think also this is going to test the boundaries of lawsuits coming through. I think companies are going to start to look at how much are we responsible for this data and keeping it private, and you got to remember - Ashley Madison prides itself on this, so if this is what you base your business model on and you got hacked, you got a real problem," Nelson said.

The Huffington Post recently ranked the top 10 cities for adultery based on Ashley Madison membership numbers. New Orleans came in at No. 7 on that list.

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