Victim describes harrowing ambush by carjackers Uptown

Victim describes harrowing ambush by carjackers Uptown

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Police arrested two teens and are still searching for one suspect who they say attacked and carjacked a woman Uptown on Thursday night. It happened in the 900 block of Cadiz Street, and the victim says it happened in just seconds.

"They held a gun to my head and said 'I'll blow your bleeping head off,'" she said.

The victim, who we won't identify, describes the horror of an attack on a quiet Uptown street. She was getting out of her car at night, an easy target for an ambush.

"I'm relatively petite and I have a big purse and I didn't see them coming," she said.

Her neighbor, Ben Hammond, was standing on his porch around the corner before the attack when he saw three young men pass by.

"I said hi to them, they said, 'how are you sir?' I said I'm fine and they kept on going," Hammond said.

Hammond didn't know it then, but he now believes they were the ones who carjacked his neighbor.

The victim was parking her car on Cadiz very close to busy Magazine Street when the carjackers approached her just yards from her home.

"I walked around the front of my car and saw two young boys running towards me. They asked for my keys and I tried to run," the victim said.

The carjackers knocked her down on the pavement and shoved a gun in her face.

"They kicked me, got into the car and  drove off," she said.

The suspects took her purse and iPhone, and police were able to track their movements. Police believe the same suspects robbed a couple at the intersection of St. Andrew and Prytania streets.

Officers caught up with the suspects at Sixth and Carondelet.

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