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Nicondra: Danny about to battle wind shear, interaction with land


Starting out with Hurricane Danny: The afternoon advisory kept the storm at a Category 3 with winds of 115 mph. While this sounds impressive, the satellite profile was already beginning to look less impressive.

Earlier in the day, Danny had a very well-defined eye, and then as we moved into later in the afternoon, that perfect clear space began to cloud over. The number one thing to remember is that this storm is still thousands of miles away from the Gulf Coast, and it's got a battle on its hands over the next couple of days with dry air, wind shear and land interaction.

Locally we saw lots of rain Friday afternoon and evening. For the last several days, we saw storms develop offshore and move in during the day. The weekend is looking pretty good with less rain coverage. There may be a few showers or storms around for Saints' tailgating at Champion Square and surrounding the Dome, but it should be short-lived and move through quickly.

Hopefully, the scattered storms will miss the busiest areas. With less rain coverage, temperatures may be a degree or two warmer in the areas without rain.

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