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Metairie man overpowers gunman inside bar

The Turtle Lounge The Turtle Lounge

A Metairie man's brave actions may have saved the lives of 17 people and his own, after he wrestles a gunman to the ground during a stand-off in a bar on Karen Street.

“When he started shooting, I thought there’s no possible way I'm gonna leave here without some kind of gunshot in me,” Marcus Collins recalled.

Friday night started as a casual outing for Collins and his girlfriend at their neighborhood bar, the Turtle Lounge. But shortly before midnight, Jefferson Parish deputies say 52-year-old Edward Schlumbrecht entered the bar, brandishing 38 and 40 caliber guns, plus, an AK-47, threatening to kill everyone.

“We started moving in the back, I tried to hustle everyone out the back door as fast as possible,” Collins said.

Bar patrons ran into the fenced in backyard behind the building, trying to lock Schlumbrecht inside. Some were able to jump the fence, before he broke down the door.

Collins recalls, “I was lying on the ground and I saw bullets come flying through the door.”

For the next two hours, the gunman held the group of about 10 hostage.

“He herded us into this corner over here, the farthest corner of the yard,” Collins explained.

All the while, Collins says, Schlumbrecht spoke to a swat team negotiator, with a specific demand.

“He wanted his son to be released from jail,” Collins said.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, Collins says he'd had enough and slowly peeled himself from the ground where Schlumbrecht forced the group to lie, in an attempt to overpower the gunman.

Collins explains, “I fell into him and I grabbed his rifle, I wrestled him down to the ground, I pulled the rifle out, and was able to put my knee into him and put the rifle on the back of his head.”

The swat team raced in and arrested Edward Schlumbrecht. He's charged with 18 counts of attempted murder.

Investigators believe the entire incident started because Schlumbrecht was mad at his neighbor, who was also in the bar.

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