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As Danny weakens, forecasters monitor 2 tropical waves: Watch FOX 8 Morning Edition


It’s getting busy in the tropical Atlantic.

As Danny continues to weaken, forecasters are monitoring two tropical waves.

Danny is still barely holding on to tropical storm status as he approaches the northern Lesser Antilles. Wind shear may continue to weaken the system and Danny could become a Tropical Depression by Monday and just a remnant low later this week.

Two additional waves are moving through the far Atlantic.

One disturbance, currently identified as 98L, appears to be getting better organized, according to the National Hurricane Center. The disturbance is currently located midway between Africa and the Windward Islands. It has been given a 90 percent chance of developing into a tropical depression in five days.

The storm name for the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season is Erika.

A second wave is being monitored near the easternmost Cape Verde Islands. That wave has been given a 20 percent chance of development in the next five days. 

The latest details on the FOX 8 Morning Edition. Watch live here.

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