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Motorcyclist killed in New Orleans East hit-and-run

Gaidrelle Chamberlain, 35, killed in hit and run Gaidrelle Chamberlain, 35, killed in hit and run

35-year-old woman is dead following a hit-and-run crash in New Orleans East.

Gaidrelle Chamberlain, 35, was killed after police say someone driving a stolen car t-boned her motorcycle was she was driving home Sunday evening.

The incident happened around 9:20 p.m. Sunday near the intersection of Downman Road and Chef Menteur Highway.

Chamberlain was driving her motorcycle down the Downman Road exit ramp toward the intersection of Chef Menteur Highway, according to the New Orleans Police Department. As she was crossing the intersection, officers say she was struck by a silver Kia Rio traveling eastbound on Chef Menteur Highway.

The vehicle was reported stolen in Jefferson Parish, according to police.

“I think it is so sad that she was taken away at the hands of joy riders, I think it's really, really sad,” Annie Chamberlain, the victim’s mother, said.

Chamberlain was tossed from her motorcycle into another vehicle, then the Kia smashed into another vehicle, injuring a female inside, before at least two people bolted from the stolen car.

“Some people say they went in the strip club on Downman, some people say they went in this little neighborhood called Scottville, nobody knows,” Santara Chamberlain, Gadrielle’s sister, said.

Chamberlain’s mother said she was always nervous that her daughter rode a motorcycle, but knew she couldn’t convince her to leave the bike.

“I was very opposed to her riding, but it was something that she just really loved. She really loved it, she loved riding, and I would tell her that's dangerous and she would tell me well mom, life is dangerous, she said I could get in the car and go around the block and get in an accident, she said, but I love riding,” Chamberlain’s mother said.

Chamberlain’s family is planning a memorial motorcycle ride from Elysian Fields to the spot of the accident and say her funeral will be Saturday morning at 11 a.m. at the Fifth African Baptist Church.

The investigation is ongoing. Police have not released suspect information at this time, but say they will try to process DNA evidence from the stolen vehicle.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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