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Joe Morgan makes most of second chance


There's one thing that always stood out with Saints wide receiver Joe Morgan.

"The last few weeks we've seen his speed, which is encouraging," Coach Sean Payton said.

But now entering his fifth year in New Orleans, Morgan is striving to become a complete receiver. He's primarily worked at the "Z" as a deep threat in the past, but this preseason Morgan has shifted more to the "X" role. 

"You know "X" are the guys running more routes I guess you can say," Morgan said. "(They) gave me the opportunity to focus in and hone in on the things that go into running routes."

While his responsibilities expanded this year, Morgan also acknowledged that his maturation process still continues. Remember the Saints cut Morgan late last year because of several issues, but since rejoining the franchise earlier this offseason, he's done his best to remain an asset rather than a distraction.

"I mean it's a huge difference from the person that I was, and the person I am now, and the person I want to continue to become," Morgan said. "Man, it hasn't been easy for me at all. I don't want to make excuses for things I've done in my past, the way I've acted and everything, but there has been a growth. I'm looking at things with a different perspective now." 

And as Morgan competes with several other roster spot hopefuls, he's simply focused on making the most of his chances.

"When you get the opportunity, you have to take advantage of the plays you're given," Morgan said. "It's one of those things that sometimes you get into a numbers game and start counting, but Coach Payton tells us all the time, don't count, just go out there and keep working and your opportunity will present itself.

Guard Tim Lelito added, "Joe's been doing a great job for us. He's fast, he's quick. He has great hands, so whatever he can do to help us win is great."

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