Erika expected to approach Florida by Sunday

Erika expected to approach Florida by Sunday

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Erika remains east of the Caribbean and still some uncertainty with its future. Any interaction with the islands or the hostile environment in the Caribbean would likely cause a disruption in circulation and significant weakening. Official forecast has the storm approaching south Florida by Sunday. After that, it is unknown whether the storm will remain along the east coast of Florida in the Atlantic or move into the eastern Gulf. At this time, it still doesn't appear to be an issue for the central Gulf Coast.

A new track comes out at 4 p.m. We will continue to watch!

What a difference from mid August to late August. Mother Nature has sent us a batch of somewhat cooler and much drier air for the next couple of days. The lower humidity makes it bearable to be outside and not sweat it out.

Overnight lows Tuesday dropped into the upper 50s north and 68-72 range south. Expect a repeat for your Thursday morning. Highs will remain in the 80s through Friday. Enjoy the fall preview now as the humidity will begin to make a return by the weekend with a chance for some showers Saturday through Tuesday due to an upper disturbance.

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