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Boil water advisory issued for the City of Gretna; e-coli found in water samples


The City of Gretna has issued a boil water advisory for the City of Gretna excluding the subdivision of Timberlane Estates.

Unincorporated areas commonly referred to as Gretna are not included in this boil water advisory. Only water customers with the zip code 70053 are affected. 

Gretna Mayor Belinda Constant's office says on Aug. 27, the City of Gretna received notification from the State of Louisiana that seven routine water samples tested positive for e. coli and coliforms. Twenty routine samples are taken monthly, and the positive samples were from a sample taken on August 26, 2015. 

These bacteria can make you sick and are a particular concern for people with weakened immune systems. Residents in the affected area are advised not to drink, make ice, brush teeth, bathe or shave, prepare or rinse food with tap water unless it has been properly disinfected until further notice.

The City of Gretna is in the preliminary stage of investigation to determine the cause of the contamination. The City is currently flushing the system and resampling the water. At this time it is unknown if the samples were contaminated upon collection, there is a flaw in the testing process, or if there is contamination within the City's water system. 

Residents are advised to bring all water to a boil, let it boil for three minutes, and let it cool before using or use bottled water. Boiled or bottled water
should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and food preparation until further notice. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water.

The City of Gretna will inform residents when the boil advisory is lifted. 

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