Big Fish report: Receding river makes for great weekend fishing

Big Fish report: Aug. 27, 2015

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The fishing news this weekend is fantastic as the Mississippi River continues to drop, bringing nutrients, food and higher salinity to coastal marshes.

The bait count is way up: plenty of shrimp, poggie, and even mullet, and we have good tides forecast for the weekend. That means your fishing choices are numerous.

This week we found speckled trout at night at the lit rigs at Breton Sound.

We found redfish action in the marshes on fire. And why the flounder were just starting to make a fall run, a little flounder at night can be real productive.

If it's big fish you want bull red are spawning, and they're out there ready to fight.

Jack cravalle have moved into Lake Pontchartrain with most of the concentrations around the trestles in the Rigolets, but a few can be found near Seabrook.

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