Uptown residents upset after Laurel Street carjacking

Uptown residents upset after Laurel Street carjacking

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Two men armed with guns, carjack a woman just after sunset Saturday on an Uptown street. The incident happened just blocks from an armed robbery at Patois restaurant a little over a week ago.

"The problem is so huge and things are so much out of control," Uptown resident Eddie Thomas said.

That's the reaction some Laurel Street residents have Sunday after learning of a carjacking in this quiet area.

Elise Tatje says, "I don't feel safe, I don't even want to sit on my front porch."

Tatje's neighbor had a friend visiting for the weekend. While unloading her car around 8:30 p.m., in the 5300 block, two men approached.

Tatje explains, "One of them put their arms around her while the other one put a gun at her."

Police say the men demanded the victim's keys and fled in her car. The crime occurred just a few blocks from Patois restaurant, where three masked men held up the place and the customers inside, August 20th.

"It seems like it's a sign of the times, it's happening everywhere," Thomas commented.

John Chapel likes to walk the neighborhood with his daughter, Vivian. Not one to easily give in to fear, he admits another attack on an innocent person just a week after the Patois robbery, has even him, a bit worried. "If you're thoughtful it makes you a little bit afraid to just venture out at night," Chapel said.

Resident Henry James believes the people committing these crimes need other outlets saying, "They need something more positive to do with their time other than just walking the streets and just getting into things that they aren't supposed to."

Chapel thinks it's a problem the entire city needs to be focused on. "What I really want to see is us engage each other, engage our government in a way that's constructive, in a way that really tries to come up with solutions," Chapel said.

Because no one else should fall victim to crimes of opportunity.

The woman involved in the carjacking Saturday, is now stranded here without a car to get home. Tatje says, "This is what we leave them with, coming to visit New Orleans."

And with a very bad taste of what the city has to offer.

Police haven't yet released a description of the suspects involved in the carjacking. If you know anything, call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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