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Loyola student robbed at gunpoint

What happened has students thinking more about their safety. (FOX 8 Photo) What happened has students thinking more about their safety. (FOX 8 Photo)

Yet another brazen armed robbery in New Orleans, this time, a student was robbed at gunpoint. The latest crime happened Uptown Sunday at Freret and Joseph streets. 

"It seems like there is not really a lot you can do. That attack was at 9 o'clock at night - it's not like 3 in the morning, what were you doing out? It's walking home from school, so there's not a ton you can do," Tulane student Anne Bevis said. 

What happened has students thinking more about their safety.

"I kind of feel safe where I live, and not so much at the moment right now, and I won't say it's a new occurrence. We we get crime reports all the time on our email," Bevis said, "Typically I feel safer on a bike because I am moving faster, but I've also seen crime reports on bikes, too."
According to a Tulane Police Crime alert, an unknown man armed with a gun held up a Loyola student and demanded her purse. He then ordered the student to turn away while he took off on a motorcycle.

"It makes me nervous because you hear about stuff like that happening all the time, but this is right here, 2 blocks from where I live. This is where I walk everyday to go to campus," said Tulane student Michael Kosson,
We talked with both Tulane and Loyola students who say they not only walk and bike in this area often as they make their way to and from class, many also live here. While some say they will now be taking additional steps to protect themselves others say they'll just keep trying to stay alert. 

"I think you kind of have to be aware of your surroundings, travel in groups," said Loyola student Kerry Russell. "Try not to be alone at night and try to stay on Freret and not get off on these side roads too much."  

If you have any information about that armed robbery call Crimestoppers at (5040 822-1111. 

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