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A mother names her baby after JPSO deputy

Deputy Emily Brinser and Nauel Terrero Deputy Emily Brinser and Nauel Terrero

A JPSO deputy has taken a vow to protect and serve to new heights. Deputy Emily Brinser delivered a baby Saturday morning before EMS arrived. The child's mother doesn't speak English, but what she did to thank the deputy speaks volumes.

"She calmed me down and told me everything would be alright," new mom Nauel Terrero said through an interpreter.

Deputy Emily Brinser heard a radio call in Terrytown Saturday morning. The paramedics were far away from the area.

"My lieutenant told me to go ahead and see if the scene is OK," Brinser said.

She rolled up to the home on Gary Court.

"When I got there, it was chaos. There was a woman on her knees and she didn't speak English and she was pointing to her stomach," Brinser said.

The woman's contractions were 10 seconds apart. Brinser, a mother herself, could tell it was a pressing time. Terrero had the baby kneeling on the ground. Her friend held her hand and Emily supported the infant as she was being born. 

"I could see the baby coming out of her and I just sat down and she did the pushing and everything. I just told her she was doing a good job," Brinser said.

In a few seconds, Brinser had the baby in her arms and the infant started crying.

"I could feel her relief. She was very relieved," Brinser said.

Nauel is originally from the Dominican Republic and was alone with her children when her water broke. Her husband was out of town doing insulation work. Emily is now part of the family.

"I am very grateful for Emily," Nauel said. 

Because of that, Nauel named her baby Emily Victoria.

"They told me they decided to name her Emily and I was floored," Brinser said.

"She changed my life completely," Brinser said.

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