AFR: First round of Saints' moves highlight recent draft mistakes

AFR: First round of Saints' moves highlight recent draft mistakes

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It should be way too soon to judge the value of the 2014 draft class. But it isn't.

The answer is pretty clear.

The Saints waived/injured both fifth-round picks from that class, Vinnie Sunseri and Ronald Powell, on Tuesday. That means just one year after that six-player class was selected, only Brandin Cooks and Stanley Jean-Baptiste remain.

One year. Two players left.

The 2012 class is even worse. With the waiving of Nick Toon Tuesday, only Akiem Hicks is still around. Yes, I know that was the bounty draft. But even with that, it's not unreasonable to expect more players to be around by their fourth year with the club.

Add both of those classes up and a grand total of three players still remain on the Saints' roster over a span of four seasons.

Three - out of 11 total players selected!

To put that in perspective, that total equals the amount of players still on the roster from the 2006 class that's now entering their 10th season together.

That's a problem. And it may be the biggest problem the Saints have run into in recent years. Teams just can't afford to have that many bad draft classes in that short of a time span. Classes that are both low on quantity (neither had the full allotment of picks) and quality can cripple a team. The Saints are feeling the residuals of that now.

To be fair, Toon, Sunseri and Powell could pass through waivers and end up back with the Saints on injured reserve. Plus, I, for one, think Sunseri in particular can bring value to the team if he can stay healthy.

But given that the team gave them the waive/injured designation instead of taking the full injured reserve option, like they did with P.J. Williams, should provide a clue as to how they view those players.

Either they feel strongly that no other team will take them. Or, they didn't mind risking losing them to another team to the waiver wire.

Neither scenario looks good. Nor do two of the Saints' very recent draft classes.

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