Uptown residents raise concern after another armed robbery

Uptown residents raise concern after another armed robbery

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A man getting out of his car is held up at gunpoint and forced to lie on the ground while the gunman rifles through his pockets. It happened Tuesday just after 11 p.m. in the 8400 block of Forshey Street.

The case renews concerns about armed robberies in the NOPD's Second District.

"We just moved here a month ago, and we picked this Uptown neighborhood because it was safe," Jill Priester said.

In the past month, though, Priester said she's gotten a little worried after hearing about several armed robberies in the Uptown area. Monday night, Priester said the crime got a little too close.

"We had just finished a run and we popped in to the Circle K to get some snacks at about 6 o'clock,' she said.

Minutes after she left, a gunman walked in and held-up the cashier.

"We're all on edge. Our particular security district has actually doubled our patrols through our private patrols," Ben Waring said.

Waring is on the board for the Upper Hurstville Association and Security District.

"Our district consists of St. Charles to the park, to Nashville to Magazine Street. There are similar districts all dotted throughout these neighborhoods," Waring said.

Waring said it seems the level of concern began to rise after armed men busted in Patois' Restaurant a couple of weeks ago.

"To have that happen in the bosom of our neighborhood, close to the river, where there's only limited escape routes for the perpetrators, and for them to accomplish what they did and not have any police arrive for some time, indicates that there's a real problem," Waring said.

With an uptick of armed robberies across the Second District, several associations will take extra steps to inform and protect residents. Waring said there is now 24/7 private security in the neighborhood, and residents will constantly get information about crime in the Uptown area.

"We have general neighborhood watch," he said. "It's about being a good neighbor and watching out for your friends and being conscious. It's very important."

The Audubon Riverside Neighborhood Association is also trying to beef up its private patrols. They're asking residents for help to do that. If you're interested, you're asked to send an email to bcppalance@gmail.com

Three juveniles were recently arrested and police believe they committed at least nine of the Uptown armed robberies. Still, there are several other cases - including Patois - that have not been solved yet.

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