Manhunt ends: Elusive James Bond accused in high-profile abuse case

Manhunt ends: Elusive James Bond accused in high-profile abuse case
James Dakota Bond (Source: Covington Police)
James Dakota Bond (Source: Covington Police)

COVINGTON, LA (WVUE) - Editor's note: This story was updated Sept. 8, 2015, in order to remove the false name given to Covington Police.

A multi-state manhunt ended in Louisiana on Wednesday. James Dakota Bond was arrested after fleeing from officers at a Covington, LA gas station. It was later discovered that Bond was accused in a high-profile abuse case in New York and was wanted in Oregon.

When arrested on Wednesday, Bond gave a fake name to Covington Police. Police say that body armor and loaded weapons were found inside of his car. After fingerprinting the suspect, police say they learned his true identity is 40-year-old James Dakota Bond.

Bond used at least 10 aliases across the nation, according to Covington police. Police say he had outstanding warrants in Oregon and was under investigation in New York.

New York police were investigating Bond for the alleged brutal beating of his girlfriend in January. The girlfriend claims that Bond tied her up and whipped her with chains. She claims that Bond then placed a loaded handgun to her head and threatened to pull the trigger.

She described the alleged beating on her Facebook page, hoping for Bond's swift arrest.

He chained my hands and feet together, and I remember they were so tight I couldn't feel my hands anymore. He punched the same part of my skull over and over so many times, hitting as hard as he could. I ended up getting a really bad concussion from that. I remember seeing flashes of my little sisters face in the middle of this weird, gray fog and I was so scared I would never get to see her again. I pretended to pass out, thinking he would let up but instead he pushed down on my throat and said "Good. Die." I realized then that the man I was dating before wasn't there anymore, and that I couldn't reach him. It was like a wild animal. I called 911 twice, but I couldnt speak to them directly in front of him so I left it on so they could hear what was happening. They never came."

The alleged victim posted several photos of herself to Facebook following the reported beating, identifying Bond as her abuser. Her Facebook posts gained nationwide attention. The story received hundreds of thousands of shares, sparking a nationwide search for Bond.

"He goes by Wayne or Painless Wayne, Tonek or Ton Wayne," she wrote on her Facebook page. "He used to own Morning Star Tattoo until he assaulted me with three deadly weapons - he immediately lawyered up, sold his business and left his home. He is laying low and hiding."

Nearly eight months after the alleged incident in New York, Bond was arrested in Covington, Louisiana.

A clerk at a Shell gas station in Covington advised an officer that a customer made threatening statements toward her. The officer attempted to make contact with the suspect, later identified as Bond, outside of the store. Police say the suspect went to his vehicle, took something from the car and placed it in his waistband. He then fled the scene. Covington police say they found multiple loaded firearms, several rounds of ammunition and body armor inside of the car.

Bond and a second man, identified as David Hagan, were later arrested.

Covington police say that they have been in contact with the New York Police Department. Their investigation into Bond continues with federal and state partners.

Covington police have charged Bond with illegal possession of body armor and being a convicted felon in possession of firearms. Police say they are trying to determine if any of the additional accusations were illegal.

He is remains in the St. Tammany Parish Jail.

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