AFR: No PUP for Byrd best thing to come out of cut day

AFR: No PUP for Byrd best thing to come out of cut day

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The mystery has finally been revealed. Somewhat.

Saints safety Jairus Byrd hasn't been seen in weeks. An undisclosed injury hasn't even allowed him to be on the sideline doing conditioning, short of those two infamous practices when he did it in a hoodie trying not to be noticed.

But when the final 53-man roster was revealed Saturday a sign of progress on his health was delivered.

Saturday was the day to put players on the PUP list and thankfully, Byrd's name was not on it.

This is the best hope for his return we've seen in months. PUP would have placed him out for at least six weeks. By not putting him there, the Saints are essentially saying he'll be back before then.

The question is, how long between weeks one and six will he be out?

We don't know for sure, but it was an encouraging sign when they parted ways with Pierre Warren, leaving them with just five safeties. If he were going to be out, say, four-to-six weeks, one would think the Saints would pad that position with more players to make up for his absence.

Of course all of this mystery could be avoided if the team would just say how long he is going to be out.

That's a battle I stopped fighting a long time ago.

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