Miss. trooper tosses ticket after stranger's act of kindness

Trooper tosses ticket

(WVUE) - A Mississippi state trooper voided a pricey ticket after a stranger's act of kindness.

Trooper Jason Ales pulled over 27-year-old Mike Powers near Jackson, Miss., this past weekend and started to cite him for speeding.

As Ales handed over the ticket, Powers handed the trooper a wooden bracelet with the image of a saint. He said he wanted the trooper to have protection at a time of heightened concern over the safety of all police officers.

"I told him I want you to have this," Powers said. "Hopefully, if you ever needed to - God forbid - it will come in handy and keep you safe."

"I was so touched by it I almost teared up there," Ales said. "With the stuff that's going on with officers, that right there was so positive.

Powers says he took the money that he would have used to pay the ticket, and instead donated it to a children's charity.

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