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Endymion 2016 promises big surprises

This year's theme is Endymion Through the Years. This year's theme is Endymion Through the Years.

Endymion 2016 rolls with big stars, more lights, and a new float on its 50th anniversary. Captain Ed Muniz announced rapper Pitbull and music giant Steven Tyler will headline the Endymion Extravaganza. 

"When we started, nobody gave us a chance. They said who is this guy?" Muniz said. "The parade is getting bigger and bigger. The Dome makes it possible."

There is a tribute to the Dome in this parade. A float will take the shape of the Dome with lights all around it. It will be called "Club Endymion." The theme is Endymion Through the Years. 

Arthur Hardy is FOX 8's Mardi Gras Historian.

"I'm glad the parade theme will highlight themes over the last 50 years. I was at that first parade in 1967," Hardy said.

Lighting experts are working on new ways to thrill crowds.

"We are working on LED systems that riders can wear and they'll match the float. When the float turns a certain color, so will the costumes," Blake Turner said.

Muniz said any place they can put lights, they put them.
"It's a shame we start in broad daylight," Muniz said.

SMG Executive Vice President Doug Thornton is Endymion's Grand Marshall this year. Endymion rolls on Feb. 6 in Mid-City and into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

 FOX 8 will bring the 50th birthday celebration to you during a special live broadcast. 

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