Increase in gator activity is due to weather, guide says

Alligator activity on the rise this time of the year

LAPLACE, LA (WVUE) - A few high profile gator sightings in our area these past few weeks got us wondering if there's a reason for the increase in alligator activity.

"This time of year - alligators are cold-blooded creatures, so the hotter the temperature, the higher their metabolism, the higher the metabolism, the more you see em moving around, said Danny Bourgeois.

Bourgeois leads tourists and locals through the gator-filled waters at Cajun Pride Swamp Tours in Laplace. He said an unrealistic fear of alligators is unwarranted.

"Certain times of the year, depending on food sources, you may see some congregate in areas at certain times of the year more than others," he said.

But he also says alligators should be left alone and respected should they get a little too close for comfort, say, on your street.

"Typically alligators are more afraid of you than what you are of them. But if you do have one that winds up in the public, in your backyard or something, you can call Wildlife and Fisheries and they'll send someone out to relocate em," Bourgeois said.

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