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Mother's Day shooting gangsters face life in prison

Shawnm Akein Scott (Source: OPSO) Shawnm Akein Scott (Source: OPSO)

Three gangsters connected to the 2013 Mother’s Day second-line shooting could face life in prison after entering guilty pleas in Federal Court on Wednesday.

Akein Scott and his brother, Shawn Scott, admitted to opening fire on a crowd during the second-line, shooting 19 people and injuring one more. They also admitted to several other crimes in front of Judge Ivan Lemelle. A relative, Stanley Scott, also pleaded guilty to multiple charges alongside the brothers, including racketeering, conspiracy, drug trafficking and other shooting charges.

Prosecutors told the judge they were prepared to prove guilt on at least four additional shootings that happened before the Mother’s Day incident.

The trio admitted to being part of the FND gang, which pushed heroin and crack in the Seventh Ward near the Frenchmen and N. Derbigny intersection.

The Scott brothers were caught on camera in that area, shooting into the crowd that included Deborah Cotton. Since the shooting, Cotton has had 30 surgeries after a bullet tore through her side.

Today, Cotton is pleased the brothers are owning up to the shooting and thinks it’s the best outcome for the victims and the city.

“I don't think it would've served any of us any good, it wouldn't have served them any good, the people that were shot, our family members and friends in the city, it just would've been a bad deal for all of us, we all need to move forward and I'm just happy that they've decided to accept the plea deal,” Cotton said.

Cotton even hopes the men find the strength to reform while spending time in prison.

“There's no assurance of what the judge is going to give them, but there is a slim possibility that with right actions and attitude and growth on their part that they may be able to have freedom and I'm not opposed to that, I believe in forgiveness and I believe in redemption,” Cotton said.

The three men face between 20 years to life in prison. They will be sentenced in Federal Court on Jan. 6, 2016.

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