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Gourmet hotdogs increase childhood cancer awareness

Dom Majorie and his father Stephen (FOX 8 Photo) Dom Majorie and his father Stephen (FOX 8 Photo)
Dat Dog hotdog Dat Dog hotdog
Dom Majorie, 3. Dom Majorie, 3.

A gourmet hotdog could make a world of difference for local families fighting childhood cancer. That’s the hope of Lacey and Stephen Majorie, a mother and father putting on their first fundraiser to benefit childhood cancer awareness.

The Majorie’s 3-year old son, Dom, suffers from an incurable form of brain cancer, but thanks to treatment and help from their community, they’re able to spend time with their little guy while he fights the disease.

“He's done treatment in December and the cancer is stable it's not shrinking, but it's not growing or spreading,” Lacey Majorie said as little Dom scooped a french fry from the table. “He's still a normal 3-year old!”

Lacey and Stephen founded the “Krewe of Dom” which aims to support childhood cancer research through St. Jude and helps benefit local families who are dealing with the disease.

“It means so much to not have to stress and worry about bills and all this kind of financial support and any kind of other help, it gives you the ability to focus on your child, which is so important,” Stephen Majorie said.

“When you have a diagnosis like Dom’s, there's no cure, time is all you have, so being able to spend time with your child and make memories and not have to worry about things that you're otherwise worried about, it's huge and that's what we hope to give to some other families,” Lacey Majorie said.

That’s exactly why they’re going all in for their first fundraiser they’re calling DOMFEST 2015.

The festival features activities for families and a gourmet hotdog contest.

Lacey was hoping to tap Dat Dog to judge the contest, but when she asked, the New Orleans eatery topped her request.

“She's walking into my office and she's asking for this little, little bit, that's a nothing sacrifice compared to what they're going through and what he's going through, how could I not step up and do more, it wouldn't be Dat Dog and it certainly wouldn't be New Orleans if we didn't,” Bill DiPaola, with Dat Dog, said.

Dat Dog is donating all the sausages and buns for the event and says the winning creation could be featured on the menu as the “DOMinator” in honor of the little boy.

“It's huge to be able to do that, we were so blessed with everybody supporting us, we just want to help out and give back,” Stephen said.

The event will be held at the Elk’s Lodge on Clearly in Metairie from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday.

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