Another tree falls on Washington Ave., causing neighborhood aggravation

Centuries-old oak tree falls down on Uptown home

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A tree on Washington Avenue took one woman hostage and made another woman mad.

The centuries-old tree tumbled down in the 600 block, bringing aggravation down with it.

"Then that section fell and hit that house," said Mike Hall.

"The tree came down, I felt the house shake," said Meara Cole, a UNO student whose home was struck by the tree.

"I was on my way out to school when the tree came down," she said. "I was told that a live wire was down and not to come out of the house."

"The tree is dead and rotted three years ago! It fell on my house and the city won't do nothing," said Willie Mae Mark.

Mark was furious about the damage to her rental property from the same old oak.

"The city wouldn't pay for it," she said. "It fell and tore up my house before. They knew this tree is like this."

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