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Pedi-cab driver saves Tulane Students from fire with strong legs

Michael Rasch Michael Rasch

A Pedi-cab driver took on the job of hero Thursday night after spotting an Uptown fire.

Michael Rasch was driving home from a shift in the French Quarter around 2 a.m. on Sept. 11 when he saw the flames in the 2500 block of Palmer.

"I turned a corner and the girl screamed about the house is on fire, so I threw the car in park and headed over," Rasch said.  Four students were trapped inside, screaming for help. "They were just panicking, beating the door saying get me out of here."

The house was engulfed in flames and the back door was locked according to Rasch. He asked a neighbor for a hammer or anything to help him break down the door, but in the end the tools weren't needed.

"I ride bicycles ... I race bicycles all the time," he said. "I've got strong legs."

Rasch kicked in the door, making a hole big enough for the students to get out. Thanks to him, no one was injured.

Now, the women who lived inside that Uptown apartment are trying to pick up the pieces.

Tulane officials say the fire victims are too shaken to talk. Friends came to collect some of their things.

"They're all unclear what's happening next,"Lauren Frees, one of the victim's friends, said. "They have no idea where they are going to live."

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