Lakeview resident captures alarming video depicting the 'new normal' for crime

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Less than a week after the brazen home invasion of a disabled man and his wife, a Lakeview neighbor captures alarming surveillance video near Navarre Avenue.

We're not going to identity the neighbor, but what he captured on surveillance video over the weekend has a lot of people in Lakeview concerned.

"We didn't realize anything had happened until my wife got into her white car and she was driving and saw one or two receipts on the ground that were not there the day before."

The video was captured Saturday just after 2:30 a.m. It shows five men walking down the street and into driveways in the area in the area of North Park Place and East Park Place trying to open car doors. Then, a man wearing a glove opens an unlocked car door.

"One of the video footages shows the neighbor's house, and they have automatic motion lights, and when the lights came on, no one even flinched," said the owner of the unlocked car. "They didn't even look up at them. They continued doing their business and moving forward, I thought that part was kind of eerie in itself."

He said nothing was stolen from his car, but the fact that it occurred less than a week after the home invasion on Porteous Street, he is taking more precautions to protect his family.

"We're adding some additional flood lights, and of course keeping the cars locked at all times, just kind of being more vigilant - listening for sounds outside," he said.

Gino Ascani, who helped start the Facebook page Lakeview Citizen Watch, said seeing the casing video is the new normal in Lakeview.

"People are getting not numb to this, but people are starting to accept, well, another car got broken into, another home invasion. So we're going to really work together with the citizens of Lakeview," Ascani said.

As for the neighbor who captured the surveillance video Saturday, he said New Orleans police responded the next morning and collected evidence. He's hoping they make an arrest.

"I would hope that they would catch the individuals, but also I want it to be a lesson, too, to keep your cars locked," he said.

Police say they are investigating and trying to identify the individual in the video taken Saturday morning. If you have any information that could help, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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