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The odds you'll hit a deer on a Louisiana road

Deer collision (Source: YouTube/Silas Patlove) Deer collision (Source: YouTube/Silas Patlove)

Louisiana may have avid deer hunters, but drivers will be glad to know they're less likely to bag one unintentionally on a highway here than in many other states. 

According to new State Farm claims data, Louisiana drivers have some of the lowest odds of hitting a deer in the nation. 

State Farm says Louisiana ranks 41st nationally in deer collisions, with the odds at 1 in 335 of hitting a deer. 

Watch yourself when you drive into Mississippi though. Your odds of hitting a deer there are just 1 in 88, giving it eighthe rank of 8th in the nation for deer collisions. 

The study found drivers are most likely to hit a deer in Louisiana or Mississippi in October, November and December.

West Virginia ranked at the top of the list and had the worst odds for drivers, 1 in 44.

State Farm compiled claims data and state licensed driver counts from the Federal Highway Administration to calculate the odds and rankings. 

Hitting a deer can be both dangerous and expensive. The insurer says the average cost of a deer collision claim is $4,135. 

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