Jameis Winston ready for week two in New Orleans after rough debut

Jameis Winston ready for week two in New Orleans after rough debut

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Top overall pick Jameis Winston's debut for the Buccaneers got off on the wrong foot with the quarterback's first throw being intercepted and returned for a touchdown in what was ultimately a 42-14 loss to the Titans.

Entering Week 2 against the Saints, the Florida State product spoke with New Orleans reporters. The following is a copy of the phone conversation, as transcribed by the New Orleans Saints:

Obviously it was not the result you wanted in the first game, what do you learn and what do you take away from that first game?

"It was my first game so you put that one behind you and you move on to the next one."

What kind of experience do you have as far as playing in loud environments and making adjustments that you need to make like silent counts?

"I've had some good experience with playing in loud stadiums so that shouldn't really be a problem."

Any particular places that come to mind?

"Yeah, Clemson was a pretty loud place and we also played in the Carrier Dome against Syracuse and it got pretty loud there as well.  And in Tallahassee, it gets loud."

I don't know how you would approach normally studying the defense but it seems like the Saints have a lot of unknowns in terms of the personnel in the secondary.  What is your approach in dealing with that?  Do you focus on scheme?  Is it harder for you to prepare not knowing who is going to be back there?

"Definitely, that is all I do.  I focus on their scheme and the concept of how they do things.  Whoever shows up to play on gameday we will find out who that is but we know they have some good players and we know they are going to have a good plan ready."

What do you see as challenging about going against the Saints' defensive scheme?

"I know that they are going to bring some pressures.  In the first game they didn't bring that much pressures but just watching the Houston preseason game they brought a lot of pressures.  We just have to see what they are going to do.  I get that feel when it is time for game time."

What did you see last week?  Did you see a lot of pressures or more trying to disguise coverages and things like that?

"I didn't see that many pressures at all.  They did some zone things to us but I didn't really get that many pressures."

Did you notice much of Brandon Browner and if so, what were your thoughts about him?

"Well I remember Brandon Browner from his Seahawks days.  He is real long and if gets his hands on you it is probably over.  He is a great cornerback, long and just a lot of respect from my way."

Do you subscribe to the theory that you have to test the guys that are more unknown in the secondary than someone like Brandon Browner or how do you approach something like that?

"I am trying to do my job and throw the ball to open guys.  I am just trying to manage the game, whoever I have to face or whatever the matchup is, just like they have to make a play, I have to make a play as well.  We are just playing good football."

As far as getting comfortable and getting into a rhythm, what is it that you most want to correct from week one to week two?

"I have to protect the football.  I can't start off slow.  I have to try and get us a good drive the first drive and try to keep the momentum on our side."

Has Ryan Griffin brought anything to the quarterback room?

"Absolutely, Ryan is just a great quarterback and a great person as well.  What he really brought to the room was just Drew Brees' work ethic.  Mike (Glennon) and I, we just look and see how Ryan does things because he was around a couple of great quarterbacks with Luke McCown and Drew Brees.  He knows the routine of a star quarterback and how you are supposed to do things."

Any way he has been able to help you as far as preparing for the Saints defense?

"No, he was on the offensive side of the ball so he hasn't been really talking about their defense much."

I guess it was just from the standpoint that he practiced against the defense all camp and preseason.

"He really hasn't given me anything."

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