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N.O. elementary kids share how seeing Pope in person inspires them


A quick talk with five elementary school students and it's easy to see how Pope Francis' popularity spans generations. 

"It's really amazing to actually be somewhere so near to someone who so important around the world and someone who means a lot to my family who knows something about what keeps my life and my family together," fifth grader Oriana Miller said.

"[Pope Francis is] very close to people who are poor and sick and people that most people don't want to be around," fifth grader Teresa Bengoa said. 

Oriana will make the trip with her sister Amanda, and Teresa with her siblings Clara and Jose along with their parents 

The group's visit later this week is a part of Holy Name of Jesus school's pilgrimage. 

The five children sat down for an interview Wednesday and barely contained their excitement and innocence. 

"I like him because he plays soccer," first grader Jose said, "and his clothes."

"It's the first time I will see the Pope but probably not the last," Amanda said.

The group admitted they do not mind missing a few days of school at Pope Francis expense but understood the opportunity in front of them. 

"I've heard so much about him. I really am excited to hear what he says about catholic families," Amanda said. 

"I want the Pope to bless me," Jose said, "and a lot of people."

Revealing faith does not have an age...just a message.

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